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NEWS > 20 October 2006

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Policeman has complaint upheld
FOUR Wagga police officers have won the fight for justice after being involved in a Police Integrity Commission (PIC) investigation.

Detective Senior Constable Timothy Scott Briggs had his complaint upheld, finding the PIC's Operation Whistler (2007) denied him and other officers "procedural fairness".

The secondary investigation, Operation Alford, found Senior Constable Christopher John Jackson, Senior Constable Julie Teresa Philpott and Constable Amanda Rae Deissel had also been wronged by Operation Whistler.

The report concluded that no further action should be ta... Read more

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KLAS-TV - Las Vegas,NV,USA
20 October 2006
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Metro Lieutenant Resigns Amid

The Metro lieutenant accused of secretly tape recording a fellow officer has resigned from the department.

The tape involved a discussion about the two men running for Clark County sheriff.

The resignation is just one of two new developments in the fight between Doug Gillespie and Jerry Airola.

Lt. Ron Williams tells the I-Team he no longer wants to be part of an organization whose leadership, in his opinion, doesn't posses ethics or values.

Williams was relieved of duty late last week pending the outcome of a Metro Internal Affairs investigation. He's accused of secretly tape recording a fellow officer.

On tapes released exclusively to the Channel 8 I-Team, Williams and former sheriff's candidate Officer Laurie Bisch can be heard criticizing their bosses at Metro.

The disparaging remarks target a variety of people, including Sheriff Bill Young and Undersheriff Doug Gillespie.

Bisch claims to endorse Gillespie for sheriff.

Williams says he will discuss his resignation and the tape recordings at a news conference Friday.

Meanwhile, sheriff's candidate Jerry Airola has filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Bill Young and the Metro Police Department as well as the Las Vegas Police Protective Association and its president Dave Kallas.

In the complaint, Airola alleges Young and Kallas made false and defamatory statements about him during a news conference earlier this year.

Flanked by career law enforcement officials Young and Kallas accused Airola of trying to buy the sheriff's office. The two challenged Airola's qualifications and his credentials.

In early campaign ads Airola claimed to be a police officer when in fact he was and is not.

The Metro Police Department had no comment about the suit and we're told Sheriff Young is traveling.


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