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NEWS > 29 November 2006

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29 November 2006
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Nigeria: How to End Corruption

Lagos State Commissioner of Police (CP), Mr. Emmanuel Adebayo has said with the provision of adequate welfare package for the Nigeria police officers and men, the problem of corruption and its vices would be a thing of the past amongst the security operators.

Adebayo, who spoke with THISDAY on his command's activities in Lagos, noted that if they were not given adequate equipment, accommodation, vehicles, walkie talkies, arms and ammunitions, no one should blame the police for any act of indiscipline.

In his words: "Lagos State has a population of about 15 million people. The vehicles moving on the road alone is over two million on a daily basis. 50 percent of all the vehicles entering into the country end up in Lagos. Think of every other things that compose the state and compare them with the number of police officers and men in the state. We have 84 Police Divisions with less than 50 patrol vehicles that are working.

"What we are clamouring for right now is adequate welfare packages for the police so as to enable them perform maximally and at the same time shun corruption and its vices. Take for example, we do not have enough equipment. Barracks accommodation can only accommodate less than 15 percent of our people. Our few patrol vehicles are dilapidated. Most of them cannot even move from one street to the other without developing fault. Our men and officers usually spend their money to repair them. We don't have enough walkie talkies, arms and ammunitions are in short supply. See, if all these are not provided, no one can say that the police is not performing or accuse them of corruption".

Although the Lagos Police boss said crime and criminality had been on the decrease despite all these inadequacies, he applauded the efforts of members of the public for assisting the police in providing assistance at any given time.

The CP disclosed that as part of their efforts in riding the force off indiscipline, over 60 officers and men in Lagos have been dismissed this year, while sending 10 men from each Area Command to Police Training School, Ikeja for fresh training on the tenact of the Force every week.


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