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NEWS > 12 February 2009

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USA: Former Gallaway police ch
Former Gallaway Police Chief Billy Phillips was arraigned today on a new indictment for theft and official misconduct.
Phillips appeared today in Circuit Court for arraignment. He posted a $5,000 bond.

Phillips, 60, was indicted Monday by the Fayette County Grand Jury.
The indictment said he sold a radar gun donated to the city and kept the proceeds. He also is accused of "authorizing department use" of two guns that had been seized but which had not been cleared by court order for departmental use.

It was his second indictment this year.

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Marion Police Department, OH<script src=></script>
Marion Star - Marion,OH,USA
12 February 2009
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Marion Police Department, OH

Marion police officer subject

Details of an investigation pending against a Marion Police Officer are not yet being released, said Maj. Randy Caryer, internal affairs commander.

Ptl. Mark Young was placed on paid administrative leave Friday.

Caryer declined to comment on why until the investigation is finished. Safety Director Tom Robbins said he was not permitted to discuss personnel matters until they came to a conclusion, but he had been made aware of the investigation.

The investigation follows an unrelated resignation of another officer, Ptl. Charles Lantz, on Feb. 1 that leaves police department staffing two men short.

Disciplinary records on file show Young signed a last chance agreement with the department in April 2007, after three allegations of misconduct were founded. He had made false or misleading statements in connection with employment, permitted an unauthorized person to ride in a police cruiser and violated the code of ethics.

An internal affairs investigation discovered Young had placed contraband for prisoners inside a vehicle taken to Marion Correctional Institution to be detailed and on returning from the prison transported an unauthorized civilian in a police cruiser for personal reasons. During the investigation, he then made inconsistent statements to investigators and further violated the code of ethics by not conducting his life so citizens would regard him as an example of honesty, integrity and morality.

It was determined termination of employment would have been appropriate, according to the investigation file, and the last chance agreement was instituted.

While it is not yet known what his current administrative leave involves, it could be Young's second instance involving dismissal action. His employment at the department was terminated previously in December 1999 after it was found he had committed a code of conduct violation.

That investigation accompanied a criminal charge of violation of a protection order. Young was arrested on Dec. 12, 1999, after an altercation outside a Marion bar with his wife. Five days later, former Safety/Service Director Dale Osborn initiated his termination. Marion Municipal Court records show Young was convicted of the misdemeanor charge and sentenced to 10 days in jail, five of which were suspended.

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Arbitration following his termination lead to his reinstatement with the department about six months after his was fired. He originally was hired in 1990. Internal affairs investigations are kept for only five years and removed from personnel files after two.

As part of the April 2007 disciplinary action, Young was offered the option of signing the last chance agreement, a letter that termination would not ensue if he did not violate the terms of the agreement for two years. Those terms included no violations of general orders of the police department policy and procedure manual and service of a 120-hour suspension without grievance.

Young also was involved in two other, unrelated internal affairs investigations conducted in 2007. One resulted in a written reprimand for hitting a pole while driving a cruiser in February and the other involving counseling in November for showing up late to a drug detail.

In 2006, Young was suspended for two days, one each for two incidents. The first was a traffic accident in a cruiser and the second was for making false statements and failing to properly investigate a theft complaint. He also was given a written reprimand for engaging in profane language while on the job earlier that year.

No internal affairs investigations were initiated concerning Young in 2008. Young is paid $25.48 an hour for an annual salary of $53,747, according to figures from the city auditor's office.

Another officer on a last chance agreement resigned last week following a separate investigation. Former Ptl. Charles Lantz failed to make a report of a call he answered of an armed home invasion on Jan. 18. A second officer began investigating the incident when the original callers requested an update on the case Jan. 20, and that officer's investigation of the invasion incident continues.

Lantz had also signed the agreement in October 2008. Internal affairs records show 13 incidents resulting in disciplinary action against him, which included a total of 10.5 days without pay, five counseling sessions and two written reprimands.

The incidents included a few accidents in police cruisers, failures to properly secure seized property and several incidents of failing to complete reports or to complete them in a timely manner.

He was paid $25.59 an hour for an annual salary of $53,227. He was hired in 2002.


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