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NEWS > 10 July 2009

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Rookie cops 'smeared'
MORE than 7000 people have gathered at the Goulburn's police college this morning for the graduation of 799 recrutis, the largest-ever class.

The graduates comprise 616 men and 183 women. Sixty-one of the new police are from non-English speaking backgrounds.

And while the graduate numbers exceed the target set by the State Government - bringing the state's force to 15,300 - today's ceremony is tinged with a little bitterness due to the clouds hanging over the class.

Yesterday a police lecturer broke ranks to defend those recruits graduating top of their... Read more

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Tooele Police Department, UT<script src=></script>
Deseret News - Salt Lake City,
10 July 2009
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Tooele Police Department, UT

Two Tooele police officers fir

TOOELE Two longtime Tooele police officers, who are married to each other, were fired after an investigation into alleged misconduct.

Tooele Police Chief Ron Kirby first suspected that Jorge Cholico and Jamie Cholico were violating police policy three months ago. On April 22, Kirby reported them to the Utah Police Officer Standards and Training Council, which certifies all Utah officers and investigates misconduct allegations separately from the police agency, said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Winward, who oversaw the investigation.

After two months of reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses, the two were fired on June 23. The Cholicos each worked for the department for about 10 years.

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin reports Kirby isn't releasing any details about the internal investigation regarding Jorge Cholico, a former lieutenant over the patrol division, or Jamie Cholico, a former detective, until their July 21 deadline to file an appeal has expired. The investigation is still open, and until it's closed, Winward said he could not share any details.

"We're wrapping it up and should have it done within a couple of weeks to a month," Winward said.

Kirby told the Bulletin that he isn't anticipating any criminal charges in the case. The investigation could result in a suspension, dismissal or a revocation, which denies the former officer from ever working in the state's law enforcement again, Winward said.

"This case could go all the way up. But I can't say at this time what we're going to do," he said.

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