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NEWS > 06 November 2011

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QC calls for ban on cops inves
FORMER Queensland corruption commissioner Bill Carter QC yesterday demanded an end to the practice of "cops investigating cops" for misconduct, saying this must be done by investigators independent of the police.

The retired Supreme Court judge, who headed two investigations into police corruption in the 1990s, spoke out as Queensland's embattled Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson rejected calls for the service to be stripped of powers to investigate allegations of misconduct and corruption against its own.

Wednesday's scathing report by the state's Crime and Misconduct Commis... Read more

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Rutland and Stamford Mercury
06 November 2011
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UK: Pc 'shocked' over misconduct claims

A Liverpool-based police officer accused of acting like a "sexual predator" has
said he was shocked and stunned when the allegations about his behaviour came
to light.

Pc John Alan Forrester, 40, is accused of taking advantage of women he came
into contact with while carrying out his job as a neighbourhood police officer in
north Liverpool.

Forrester, from Halewood, Liverpool, is charged with four counts of misconduct in
a public office in relation to engaging or attempting to engage three separate
women in sexual activity.

He is also charged under the Data Protection Act with eight counts of accessing
personal data on the police computer system, which involve a further two women.

On Thursday he told a jury of six men and six women at Liverpool Crown Court: "I
am shocked and stunned by the allegations that they (the three women) have
made against me and I have been since the allegations became apparent."

Forrester, who has been a police officer for 14 years and worked as a football
hooligan "spotter", said he had only accessed the police computer to look at
personal files for "training and policing purposes".

It is alleged that Forrester took advantage of the first woman, Woman A, while she
was drunk after he dealt with an incident at her home in October 2008.

The woman claims the defendant came back to her house in the early hours of the
next morning and began "flirting" with her before kissing her, touching her sexually
and then getting her to perform oral sex on him.

Mr Bould told the court Woman B first came into contact with the defendant in July
2009 when he attended an address to deal with a criminal damage incident. The
court heard that Woman C was a prostitute who was picked up by Forrester while
he was on duty and she showed him her breasts in the back of his police car after
he told her he would like to "get a grip of them".

It is also alleged that Forrester inappropriately accessed the police computer to get
personal information about Woman A and two other women. Forrester denies all
the charges.

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