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Exchange Knowledge: Police Ethics

This area of the website has been designed to enable members to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience on any ethical issues that may influence policing or to request assistance; guidance or the views of others on a professional problem or ethical dilemma. We expect it to be particularly useful to police managers/administrators; students and academics with an interest in police ethics or police corruption; ethics trainers, police trainers; police educators or indeed anyone connected with policing including partnerships.

Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is available and you can register as a user below. Although some topics will be posted by (EiP) we welcome topics from members. The forum can only be as good as the people who use and contribute to it so please visit regularly and contribute freely. Take this opportunity to share your thoughts on the issues affecting us all. Learning together we can develop strategies for success.

Members can enter chat rooms/forums anonymously if they wish in order to allow free expression without fear of being identified.

Become A Member: Ethics In Policing

Please note that you need to be a member of to be able to post comments in the Forum. Membership is easy and free and you can become a member by following the prompts in the "Becoming a member" page. In order to ensure anonymity of use within the Forum you are asked to login to the Forum area. To do this you will need to register as a forum member once only. You will be asked to create a forum identity. This identity provides anonymity when using the forum thereby ensuring other users link it to your membership of The forum is for you to be able to candidly express your views on the many topics posted as well as being able to create and post your own topics for discussion. Only by free discussion are we able to truly understand the ethical issues affecting the criminal justice professions.

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